Thanksgiving (Canada)
DATES 2nd Monday of October
2017: Oct 9
2016: Oct 10
2015: Oct 12
2014: Oct 13
also see Thanksgiving Day (USA)
Salvador's Restaurant Bar, turkey and ham buffet w trimmings, 12n-6p, reservations 376-766-2301, $200p, map
Adelita Bar & Grill, turkey dinner w trimmings, other entree options, 12n-9p, reservations 376-766-0097, $195p, map
Alfredo's California Restaurant-Bar, roast turkey entree every Thursday (not just Thanksgiving Day), 12n-6p, map
American Society of Jalisco, turkey dinner w trimmings, open 12n, dinner 1:30p, seating limited to 110, 333-121-2395, $220p, children $110p, map
Armando's Hideaway, turkey dinner w trimmings, 12n-9p, reservations 376-766-2229, $220p, map
CocinArt Restaurant Intl, turkey and pork loin dinner buffet w trimmings, 2p 4p and 6p seatings, reservations 331-395-3810, $195p, map
go Le Club, turkey dinner w trimmings, 12n 3p and 6p seatings, reservations 333-502-6555, $150p, map
Josy's Restaurant, turkey dinner w trimmings, 12n-6p, reservations 333-405-8673, $195p, map
LaMision Restaurant & Grill, "traditional Thanksgiving" dinner w trimmings and a glass of wine, 2:30-9p, reservations 376-108-0887, $220p, map
La Nueva Posada, turkey dinner w trimmings, 1:30p and 6p seatings, reservations 376-766-1344, $320p, under age 16 $190p, map
Los Telares, "traditional Thanksgiving" buffet, 12n-9p, reservations not required, $235p, map
Manix Restaurant Bar, turkey and roast pork buffet w trimmings, 2p and 6p seatings, reservations 376-766-0061, $270p, map
Maria Isabel Restaurant, turkey and/or ham dinner w trimmings, 11a-9p, reservations 333-676-4042 or 333-676-6920, $220p, map
Panino Deli & Restaurant, turkey dinner w trimmings, 11a-4p, reservations not required, $150p, map
Roberto's Restaurant, turkey, salmon or beef brisket dinner w trimmings, 2-7p, reservations 376-766-1616, $255p, map
Salvador's Restaurant Bar, turkey and ham buffet w trimmings, 12n-6p, reservations 376-766-2301, $200p, map
Yves' Restaurant Bar, complimentary glass of Champagne with your menu entree, 12n-8:30p, map
Puritan Poultry, whole turkeys, single and double turkey breast halves, 4 day advance order recommended, M-F 9a-5p, Sa 9a-3p, map